Yardtime Literary Program

CCWF Inmate Feedback

3rd Quarter Progress Report



“I love this class. It actually makes you think about things you never would’ve thought about. It really is a “creative writing class.” We have become a “family,” a very close-knit group. We are a very “diverse” group. Educational. Exciting. Laughs. Tears. Heartfelt, nonetheless “real.” It’s enlightening, stimulating and a very great pilot program. Please let it continue as long as possible. Thank you. Peace and blessings.”


“I’ve loved words since my first stumbling reading at age 5. I’ve been distant from that love affair for a while. This class has put me back in touch with that part of myself. Dig deeper. Say it better. Maybe reveal a past of the soul. My writings have gotten better, I’ve gotten better. This class has given me that.”


“I love this class. I love everything about this group. It feels so good to be able to speak my mind and create something. I get wonderful feedback and have grown because of the camaraderie we’ve developed. I hope to continue to learn. My writing has changed substantially, more sophisticated. I know without the help of my facilitators I wouldn’t have gotten this far. I have an outlet that is positive and delightful.”


“This class is awe-inspiring. I look forward to it all week long. I’ve found my voice as a writer and the open format has brought me out of my shell because of the way we share our work. It has made me feel confident to just lay it all out there, unedited and raw. This group helps me immensely with my inner struggle to succeed in my life as a writer.”



Yardtime Literary Program

FWF Inmate Feedback

3rd Quarter Progress Report


“I love this class. It has taught me different styles of writing as well as giving me an outlet to express myself and put my thoughts on paper. This class should be in all prisons.”


“This is a valuable class that a lot of people would like to attend. The class itself is the best class I have taken, and I am in ten of them. Both instructors are excellent, informative with constructive feedback. Everyone in the group is included and nourished. We are actually learning useful life skills and are encouraged to use our brains.”


“I love this class. It’s engaging. It’s fun. I appreciate the volunteers’ time. I love language. There’s a level of commitment but it doesn’t feel like a commitment because I like coming back. Last but not least, we can curse when it’s part of art.”


“I love this class. This class enables one to express in a safe, trusting, confidential manner. Allowing a person to do such things alleviates any negative or even share positive emotions, thus allowing a prisoner a chance to partake in an approved, psychological way to work out harbored emotions and feelings. Having a place where my creativity is enjoyed and admired is awesome. It does something for my confidence. Finding Your Voice on the Page not only fulfills this, it also allows us a safe place to express our emotions. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity.”


“I really enjoy this creative writing class. I’m learning so many things, like skills and my imagination is growing. I feel inspired and more confident now to express myself in writing. I am really thankful for this class.”


“I really love this class because it teaches me to challenge my thought processes. I enjoy having an outlet of something positively outside of my head, behind these prison walls. I’m thankful for this project taking its free time to embrace us, the women of FWF. I”ll be going home soon and now realize that I want to find a creative writing project when I get home. Thank you for helping me see that I love to write.”


“Wonderful class. I’m learning a lot. I love this class.”


“The class inspires us to express our suppressed emotions in writing. No judgment, nothing is right or wrong, we can write whatever’s on our minds, freely. In my opinion, this class is a useful tool for the incarcerated women wounded deep in mind. I’m grateful to who provided this program to us, and I also thank you for our instructors who are very helpful and have great humor. I enjoy this class and hope to continue.”


“I fully enjoy myself and like to express myself through writing and discussing in class. Kent and Alan are very knowledgeable. Thank you.”


“I enjoy this style of class. It allows me to express myself in a comfortable setting. I look forward to Saturdays with unexpected enthusiasm. I feel this class is very therapeutic and would enjoy more classes similar to this one that aren’t pushing religion down our throats!” 


“Point blank. Period. I love this class. It’s one of the best classes here and you can come in not only to express your pain, grief, life itself, but you learn from others. You have a voice that people can hear without any judgment. Just write your life away, no questions asked. This class is 1000% awesome.”


“I love this class. It is a refreshing way to put my mind on paper. The different styles and assignments help take me out of the confines of these walls.I am learning different ways to express myself.”


“I often find my voice on plenty of pages. It’s always so much easier to express myself in writing versus being verbal. Expression and punctuation, even one sentence I write can speak volumes, maybe even a thousand words!